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World class broadband - hometown service

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A non-profit, wholly-owned subsidiary of Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative, offering affordable, reliable broadband with lightning fast speeds and unlimited possibilities for homes and businesses. 

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Residential 300 Mbps

Enjoy surfing the internet with speeds up to 300/300 Mbps.  Includes WiFi router with no data limits!   


Residential 1 Gbps

Download movies, music or pictures in seconds. 100x faster than your average internet speed, includes WiFi router with no data limits!


Whole-Home Wi-Fi

Our whole home extenders help reduce dead spots in the far reaches of your home.  


Residential Voice

Unlimited local and long distance within the continental U.S. with tons of features including call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, 3 way calling, voicemail. Keep your current number option, additional line available.


Business Lite Internet

200 Mbps symmetrical internet access for email, web browsing, video streaming and communications.  Includes WiFi router and no data limits!


Business Pro Internet

Do you have your own network equipment?  300 Mbps symmetrical internet access with static IP address provided and guaranteed prioritization throughout the network.


Business Enterprise Internet

Does your business rely on the internet to operate?  1,000 Mbps symmetrical internet access with static IP address provided and guaranteed prioritization throughout the network.


Business Voice

Unlimited local and long distance within the continental U.S. with tons of features including call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding, 3 way calling, voicemail. Keep your own number option, additional lines available.


Service Areas

Inching Closer

8:41am February 21, 2019

MLConnect is making progress toward serving its first customers. Residents in Waverly who have registered on our site will be hearing from us soon. Construction also continues in Hohenwald and will begin in Centerville soon.  FULL STORY


4:33pm August 17, 2018

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative, your trusted source for safe, affordable, reliable electricity is announcing a new era of service. Stay tuned....internet is about to get more cooperative!

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ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

8:48am February 28, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

All areas receiving electricity from MLEC will have the opportunity for service. If you have questions related specifically to your location, please email your address and a phone number to customercare@mlconnect.com.

ML Connect - Michael Malone

3:21pm February 25, 2019

Michael Malone

You now if you will be running it out 13 north or not?

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

9:02am February 11, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

MLConnect's original goal was to serve Coble and other areas outside of Phase I by the end of 2022. We're excited about the potential of moving that goal closer with the help of grants and other factors. As Phase I nears the end, Phase II will be designed. Areas selected for Phase II will be based on construction costs, existing infrastructure, time constraints, etc. Another determining factor is the amount of interest in each neighborhood (number of online registrations). This is why registering on the website is SO IMPORTANT. For example, if there are 50 houses on a road and only 4 registered, another location with 20 houses and 15 registrations looks to have more interest. High registration does not guarantee a neighborhood’s inclusion in the next phase, but more interest can increase its chances. Encouraging your neighbors to register as well would be a great help. Registration is not an obligation to buy, but shows area interest, helps guide future construction, and provides a way to contact you when broadband signups begin in their area.​ Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and http://www.mlconnect.com for updates.

ML Connect - William Dixon

3:32pm February 10, 2019

William Dixon

So like I live barely into the coble zone how long do you think it'll take to upgrade me from sub mbps internet? till 2020? 2021? Don't hit me with that 'We'll get to ya when we get to ya' stuff though.

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

11:23am January 23, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

Like building the electric system, MLConnect will build out its broadband system to create the infrastructure first (connecting the cities). This is an important first step toward a fast, reliable broadband system to serve all five counties. We would be happy to verify if a specific location is in Phase I. Just email a physical address to customercare@mlconnect.com.

ML Connect - James Betz

5:44pm January 18, 2019

James Betz

As is the case with every high speed internet provider, those of us outside of town are pushed aside. The area in Orange has access to cable and other high speed internet, while we are always just 2miles from any access. Just the way it's always been and always will be. Thanks anyway but I will search for a more promising available internet.

ML Connect - James Betz

3:54pm January 17, 2019

James Betz

Would it be possible to have the areas in phase one identified?

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

9:49am January 16, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

All areas inside Phase I are expected to be live and begin receiving service in 2019. The other phases have not be designed at this time and locations not assigned to a particular phase. However, we anticipate all MLEC areas in all five counties will be completed in four years.

ML Connect - Charles Gilreath

7:01pm January 15, 2019

Charles Gilreath

I’m on Highway 13 S ,right past coop , I have signed up and it said Congratulations your in phase one , will this area be done this year ? Thank you for your time !

ML Connect - Jerry Colbert

1:47pm January 15, 2019

Jerry Colbert

So when will those in Phase 1 receive Internet in their homes?

ML Connect - Rachel Dyer

12:24pm January 15, 2019

Rachel Dyer

How soon to our area? 2years?

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

5:53pm January 14, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

Great question! If NOT registered on our website, enter your address, select “residential” or “commercial” and then “Search For My Address.” If the next screen says, “Congratulations, your address is in the design stage,” you are in Phase I. Whether or not you are in Phase I, pick products you are interested in and click “Submit.” (Not an obligation to buy but registers interest and gives us a way to contact you when we are working in your area.) If you HAVE already registered, sign in or click on "Service Areas" above. From here, you can zoom in on the map. Areas in orange are in Phase I. The first MLConnect phase for broadband construction will help build the entire project’s infrastructure and must be built before we can move out to the more rural areas. But, we're coming! Other phases have not been designed at this time. To learn more about our phase approach and how you can register your area, check our FAQ section.

ML Connect - James Betz

2:40pm January 13, 2019

James Betz

The service area MAP explains very little. It needs more explanation about what the colors are telling us. Please post what the colors are telling us or what they represent. It seems like the areas in town have access to all kinds of high speed internet, but those of us who live outside of town are treated like we don't exist.

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

10:56am January 4, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

Our rural hometowns - areas other providers have overlooked - are in immediate need of fast, affordable, reliable broadband for many reasons. This is why Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative stepped forward to establish MLConnect and help build our communities for the future. While we will not be offering tv packages as a service, the broadband speed offered by MLConnect will make streaming for programs such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. a viable option.

ML Connect - anna pierce

4:35pm December 22, 2018

anna pierce

Please Please get to me.........sat sucks ! ! !! slow and always goes out in a storm......so can not wait ! ! !

ML Connect - Marion Bloom

7:15am December 22, 2018

Marion Bloom

Will you bundle with tv supplier such as Directv or Dish as another option. Thanks.

ML Connect - Charles Gilreath

2:04pm December 14, 2018

Charles Gilreath

I saw the ML team with cable on highway 13 s right before Co-Op , my house is 2 houses down from there on Highway 13 s , any updates on when I'm getting service , I have already signed up , thank you in advance

ML Connect - Ray Blankenship

9:43am December 2, 2018

Ray Blankenship


ML Connect - Alan Greenleaf

1:16pm November 6, 2018

Alan Greenleaf

About how long will it be before we get it? Will you be eventually getting Tv also?

ML Connect - MLConnect Customer Cares Team

2:59pm October 11, 2018

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Campaign Owner

Our first phase includes in and around the cities within each of the counties MLEC serves. First up are Waverly, Hohenwald and Centerville. After that, we'll be building out in the other cities in this order to complete Phase I in 2019: New Johnsonville, Erin, Tennessee Ridge, McEwen, Linden and Lobelville. The first MLConnect phase for broadband construction will help build the entire project’s infrastructure. After that, areas where members have logged interest will help guide the projects’ progress. Click “I’m Interested” on www.mlconnect.com to log your interest with no obligation to buy.

ML Connect - Jason Preisner

7:25pm October 7, 2018

Jason Preisner

So on the Service Area map, is the dark yellow sections right around the town centers the 2019 buildout or the blue/purple/yellow areas going to be built in 2019?

ML Connect - Victoria  Gordon

12:19pm September 16, 2018

Victoria Gordon

No one wants to service any new areas on Highway 7 it seems. AT&T has not offered to extend anything even 1 more house. Comcast also has service in the Lyles area, but they also will not extend. Finally, someone listed the location in their service area. Wish we didn't have to do some sort of costly satellite with contract to get internet before this gets ready.

ML Connect - James Betz

4:04pm September 14, 2018

James Betz

It was great to hear MLEC is going to provide Broadband, something much needed in our area. I was wondering if there is a possible date as to when we will see this become reality.

ML Connect - James Betz

5:54am September 12, 2018

James Betz

Where on the site do we go to get updates on when service will be available?.

ML Connect - Eric Merideth

2:30pm August 25, 2018

Eric Merideth

We have been looking forward to having a good internet service for some time. It will be nice to get a good price without having to negotiate prices, packages etc every year. Way to go MLEC!!!

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02 274 Erin Road/North Of Mc Ewen/Bold Springs

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10 334 Nunnelly/Pinewood

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